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12:33 PM - 16 July 2005


Bare? Look Up the Word \"Kabuki\"

Have you seen the commercials for this bareMinerals makeup?

They never mention the price, which was the sole reason I got on the horn and dialed the 800 number. So I waited through 11 (I counted) different recordings, touting the product, thanking me for spending my precious time on hold, and blatantly not telling me how much this miracle cosmetic costs before I hung up.

I got online and found out, within 5 seconds, that it's $60. Which, yeah, is expensive, but as studiously as they were avoiding the price, I expected it to be like, $1100.

The reason I will not be buying it? The kabuki brush. NEVER BUY MAKEUP THAT SAYS 'KABUKI.'

9:10 PM - 14 July 2005


Alternate Proposal for the Basis of a Non-Agrarian Economy

Okay, this gas thing is getting out of hand. It got up to $2.35 today.

This is the highest it's ever been. I'm sick of saying that. I've refrained from saying too much about it here, because we're all in the same boat, and it's not like the Bushident is going to Google "gas prices" and happen upon my blog, and decide, because of my complaints, to wiggle the one single index finger in all the world that it would take to make all this insanity stop and open up our national oil reserves.

I mostly suspect this wouldn't happen because I have yet to see evidence that the Bushident can read.

I used to put my little Gas Buddy sticker at the bottom of my entry, so you could see it compare my gas prices to yours, if you wanted to, but weren't staring it in the face. When I redid my template, I lost the button, and I'm kind of glad, because I used to try to use it as a crystal ball, to gauge if I could wait until I got paid to fill up again or if I had to dump the contents of my Coke bottle bank into a Coinstar machine before all hell broke loose. But, time after time, that MO failed me, because the ebb (such as it is) and flow of gas prices IS ILLOGICAL. I'm sure it's logical to a Harvard-educated economist, but we all know I am not that. I'm just Johnna Q. Public, bending over and taking it in the ass from The Powers That Be.

OPEC does what they want. They always have, and they always will. We aren't reliant on them as far as oil goes; we have our own. Sure it's not as much as they have, but it's still quite a bit. So we should start using our own oil (TransAlaskan Pipeline, anyone), and let the Saudis get mad. Let them pull their money out of our economy. Let it collapse. Let it fall around our feet, until all anyone has of value is audio cassette tapes, which will be valuable because they're not making them anymore.

I would gladly barter Electric Youth for a tank of gas and a pack of smokes. Hell, I'll even throw in the cassingle of Mr. Big's To Be With You. I have it, ya know.

12:14 PM - 14 July 2005


My Psychiatrist Is A Cock-Sucking Whore

"How are you doing?"


"Tell me about your life." She says this every damn time. It's all in her computer, the one she can't figure out, the one she spends half my time EVERY FUCKING TIME trying to figure out.

"Well, the Wellbutrin is working, and it helped me lose 20 pounds, but I think I need something in addition to it."

"You are never going to feel one-hundred percent."

"I did with the Celexa."

"Then why did you quit taking it?" Like, all challenging. Like she's trying to talk me into a corner.

"I told you. It stopped working for me. But I think I can feel better, I just need a little boost."

"You can't expect the medicine to do everything for you. Life is hard. Life is often cruel. Life just keeps stomping us down over and over and you just have to keep going. Don't think about it."


"Do you cry a lot?"

"Uh, no." I totally do, but like I'm going to reveal my emotional weaknesses re: coffee commercials to this twat.

"You are crying now. Why are you crying? You should let it out. Crying can be good. You are hiding something from me. I can see your mind working. What are you not telling me?" That I want to kick you in the teeth.


"Well, here is a prescription for some Celexa. We will add it to the Wellbutrin."

"Do you have samples?"

"Not of the Celexa, but I can give you some for the Wellbutrin."


I'm never going back there again.

6:33 PM - 13 July 2005


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