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Newsflash: I'm Fuming

President Bush was in Baton Rouge today. Signing autographs.

What is wrong with these people? Seriously?

What happened this week should be a call to change in this country, but nothing is ever going to change if people don't get angry and stay angry. I don't care if you're white, black, yellow, orange, green, or blue. You should be angry. You should be angry that people in this country were treated like animals, no matter the excuse. And you should stay angry.

No one should make the mistake of thinking that the government that we elect, that we pay for, would treat them any differently. The government (federal, state and local, because yes, they were all caught with their pants down) doesn't listen when you whisper, only when you shout.

So don't ask for autographs. These people we've elected don't deserve to sign the welfare checks they keep trying to take away. The country needs to change and it has to change from us on up. Every one of us has been charged with a responsibility to do something. Even if you have no money, if you have a capable pair of hands. Even if you don't have hands, if you have a mind and a heart.

We have been charged and for the sake of our souls and the future of our country, we must answer that charge with action.

12:11 PM - 05 September 2005


I Fail

I'm not good at this whole thing. I get angry and I scream and cuss and cry and... that's not what's needed. Trasker does it better.

8:05 PM - 04 September 2005


Yeah, $3 Gas is Really Killing You

If you have one iota of sympathy for George W. Bush or are interested in defending him, do not come near me. I don't want to get your self-interested, traitorous stink on me. I don't care if you're related to me or if you're a hypocrite who has changed your stripes overnight.

Don't come near me.

You would feel differently if you and your children were left to die because of inaction, but you can't see past the nose on your face.

If there is a Hell, you will be right alongside him. I may be there too, but there is a special place for people who can see helplessness and do nothing, and for those who defend them.

12:34 PM - 03 September 2005


Sandy's Overstock Warehouse Grand Opening

You might find this hard to believe, but I'm not the world's wisest investor. Almost every product I buy, thinking it will be a collector's item, flops horribly and I end up with 7,000 of them, collecting dust in my storage shed. Well, I'm opening up the shed to you, my readers, and calling it Sandy's Overstock Warehouse. Each Friday, a new product will be unveiled for purchase by my readers. Happy shopping!


12:09 AM - 02 September 2005


You Are Headed Straight for Hell Upon the Moment This Planet is Relieved of Your Presence.

George W. Bush, you have blood on your hands tonight. See you in hell, bastard.

3:51 PM - 01 September 2005


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