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Chicago, I.L.

The yard sale was winding down and my family and I draped across some chairs, some for sale, some not. The guy walked up with his clipboard, and without looking, I knew that my sister, next to me, had snapped to attention. Fresh meat.

”Hey guys,” he greeted us.


”You guys Cardinals fans?”

Without flinching, my sister and I answered in unison, “Nope.”

”You’re not Cardinals fans?”

”Nope,” I repeated. “What have the Cardinals ever done for me?”

”You really don’t like the Cardinals?” He just couldn’t believe the line we were feeding him.

”Lifelong Cubs fans,” my sister answered. “We’re from Chicago. Chicago, Eeeeyyyyyyeee Ellllll.”

I blew our cover by snorting then having to walk away, tears running down my face. The “I.L.” was way better than I could have anticipated.

”So you wouldn’t want to see the Cards play the Cubs in this, their last year in Busch Stadium?” I was laughing openly now, along with the rest of our crew, except for my sister. She remained stoic in her affirmation that yes, as hard as it was to believe, she wanted nothing to do with him or his dirty baseball tickets. I don’t even know what she said to him; I could hear nothing over my braying laughter.

The guy finally realized that he had lost even before he’d begun his pitch, and walked away, scratching his head. He would sell no siding today.

2:02 PM - 02 May 2005


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