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An Open Letter to the Pills I Am On For The Next 5 Days

Dear Pills I Am On For The Next 5 Days:

I LOVE YOU. For the first time since time out of mind, I can wake up with confidence, knowing I'm not going to have yet another day of bleeding and stress. I can wear whatever pants I want, and underneath those pants, I can wear whatever underwear I want, not just the "Granny Panties" section of my underwear drawer. I even relish the thought of my period, my real period, which should arrive sometime within the next 12 to 14 days, because I have been assured by my doctor (my OB-GYN, who is totally awesome, and who I love, not just because he was so great with me, but also because he delivered my second godchild, Evie, two and a half years ago) that after that period is over, I will stop bleeding. For a full three weeks. After this time (which my doctor called an observational time period), things will get sketchy and I'll probably be put on the Pill (yay!) and Metformin (eh), but for now, this is okay by me.

Pills, you have inspired me to eat better, and spend a ridiculous amount of time at my kitchen table, cutting carrot sticks. I have been walking the dog every day and just enjoying feeling healthy for once. I look forward to taking the Metformin because it will help me to lose weight, but for now, the "weight issue" is secondary. I just feel better, so I want to do things that are good for me to continue the feeling of better.

Anyway, you rock. Keep up the good work for the next five days.



12:10 AM - 15 May 2005


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