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Organ Donors Have Complications Because They're Pussies

I had to go to the grocery store today for my woefully ill-conceived candle party (seriously? It's either the medication or the skipping around on the medication, or the lack of medication actually in my system, but oh my God, you could not pay me enough to care about that damn party), because, you know, you have to feed the 3 guests that are coming to your house. I was standing in line when I looked down onto one of those metal cages where they set newspapers, and saw this. It was an early edition of the Sunday paper, and I didn't know if the same story would be in the regular edition we get delivered, so I shelled out the $1.25 (okay, fine I also shelled out $3.50 for People's "50 Most Beautiful People" issue, because I do every year. Screw you, don't judge me).

Basically, I got the out that I was looking for when it came to donating a kidney to DS. There are all sorts of risks for donors, even though no one ever tells you that. There are no informational websites for donors, just stuff like this one. She had to start that website for her own peace of mind, because no one told her. I understand, people are dying, but did you know that the numbers one and two causes for kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure? Did you also know that these are two very manageable and, in fact, avoidable conditions? I won't say I won't sympathize with people who have either of these, because, I mean, I have high blood pressure, but for real: they're lifestyle diseases. If my kidneys crap out because I couldn't take care of myself, and there's no artificial kidney at that time, I don't think I'd have the nerve to ask someone else to take an unimaginable risk for me.

Not to say that DS's kidney failure is a result of either of those two things. It's not. But it's one thing to have a friend donate blood for you; it's another to ask for an un-replenishable organ, or a piece of one that is regenerable.

Even liver donors are susceptible to risks. It's surgery, guys, and that was really the thing I couldn't get through DS's head. He did his best to make it sound simple and quick, like I'd be home in three days, no harm, no foul. As if I was getting my nails trimmed. But any surgery, no matter how minor, is susceptible to complications.

Live organ donation can be a great thing; it certainly, no matter the circumstances or the outcome, is a selfless thing. But just because a doctor can take your organs doesn't mean he should. You may not be a prime candidate, so educate yourself. It's not easy, and I'm thankful I had that headline to confirm what I felt in my (ha ha) gut: I hadn't made the right decision.

DS now begrudgingly accepts my decision (no, seriously, I have been endlessly harassed for the last four days, including much yelling), commenting when I saw the headline, "You must have missed the part about organ donors having complications because they're pussies."

Hm. Now that I think about it, I did miss that part.

11:25 PM - 07 May 2005


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