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Caution! War of the Worlds Spoilers!

Josh Friedman, you deserve a pat on the back and a free beer. I am here to give you the first thing and buy you the second. Because you, my friend, have provided Hollywood with the most original script in years, around which was built the unique tour-de-force, the pinnacle of Spielberg's career, the film that will revitalize big-budget Hollywood disaster movies, War of the Worlds.

And you, Steven. May I call you Steven? We all know you're an alien buff, what with Close Encounters (May I call it Close Encounters?), ET, and The Terminal, but I have to hand it to you: This time, your vision was impeccable! So brave! So progressive! So original! Martians shot to Earth in a lightning storm? Brilliant! Tripod alien craft that slice buildings into pieces in a single laser sweep? Visionary! A HOSTILE RACE, FROM WITHIN OUR OWN SOLAR SYSTEM, THAT IS BROUGHT TO ITS DEATH BY THE SMALLEST ORGANISMS ON THE PLANET? I'm agog!

And casting Tom Cruise! Talk about bold choices! After the way he's been crucified in the media, I thought for sure no director would ever touch him again! But you took the chance, and you got a beautiful performance from him, surprisingly lacking in Scientological doctrine.

So a hearty "Bravo!" to everyone who had anything to do with making the film that will remake Hollywood. Perhaps in 100 years we'll happen upon something half as original.

9:23 PM - 04 July 2005


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