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He's A Witch!

Why haven't I posted for three days? Because I'm pining for Todd.

Ahahahahaha... I kid.

No, it's just that nothing's happened. Except for more anonymous fame, that is (should I be embarrassed that not only is that last quote from me, but that I actually quoted myself?). But that's just... making me nervous. I feel like I never should have submitted that stuff, even though I name no names, and if anyone got super pissed, I'd deny it till kingdom come.

I don't like to tell work stories here, but this one freaked me out so bad I sort of have to...

Our project managers' offices are arranged like this:

Today, I was standing here:

talking to "the other guy" (owner of "the other guy's desk"). I finished what I needed, and turned around to leave, when I heard a voice behind me, coming from the area where the big blue spot is in this picture:

Now. I was standing in the only way this guy had into the office. He could not have gotten back into that corner without asking me to move. Immediately I began freaking out. How did he get there? Where did he come from? I know he wasn't there during my 5-minute conversation. Some theories:

He's a witch.

He was "under the desk," if you "know" "what" "I" "mean."

He's a witch.

This is my favorite, obviously, because I don't like him. So I think I should round the troops up all over the office and go Salem Witch Trials on his ass.

Good idea, no?

6:25 PM - 06 June 2005


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