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My Ongoing Saga of DSL

For 5 days after the second guy came to fix our phone line (this time: "Your line was crossed with another one [whaaaat? was she on my party line too?] and squirrels were biting at that one [whaaat?].") my DSL worked like a dream. Then I came home from work Friday night to the taunting red eye of a disconnected DSL modem. I started to call right then but thought better of it, realizing two things:

1) I had only been on Wellbutrin for four days, not nearly long enough to deal with perky Texans.

2) It was a fricking Friday night. Even Texans aren't perky then, and they sure as hell aren't at work.

So I waited till today and called. This time I called the phone company first, because last time I called the cable company first, then the phone company sassed me and I had to call the cable company back and cancel. Anyway, I called SBC, explained my predicament to "Charlene," and got an order in to disconnect my service on Wednesday.

I then called the cable company, who "remembered" me from their computer screen (I picture it saying things like, "Likes Wint-O-Green Life Savers!" or "Don't call her Sand :("), and who set me up with cable internet access at the reasonable price of what I was paying for DSL (who knew?). But, with this caveat: Their next service installation appointment is NEXT TUESDAY.

You math whizzes out there have already figured out that that leaves me without internet access for a solid week (at least from home). DS's response? After gaping incredulously, he asked, "Well, are you going to get dial-up to cover that week?"

"I am not paying for a month of dial-up so I can get a week of access, especially since I still have access at work. I think we now see who is more addicted than whom."

"I'm not addicted! I need internet access for work!"

"Yeah," I snorted, "work."

Then I wept, alone, for the week I am dreading most.

I may need spiritual help, in addition to mental.

12:40 AM - 10 May 2005


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